Sugarjack is known for its expertly crafted, fashion-forward collection of luxury leather changing bags. Marketed at today’s parents, the bags combine practicality, style and glamour. Acerte was instrumental in the creation of the Sugarjack brand. Our designers became brand guardians, responsible for all elements of branding, and created a niche brand design that was successful online and within several prestigious retailers worldwide.

Sugarjack produce a stylish range of changing bags aimed at today’s parents. Packaging for the brand was a joy to work on. We began by developing an eye-catching identity, which featured lovely, quirky and stylish illustrations. Some of these illustrations were developed into toys and games. The cute giraffe mother and her baby developed into a brand, which features on bags, swing tags and other promotional elements. With the repeat pattern of the logo, we had created various elements that, when used sparingly, gave a very sophisticated and stylish feel to this upmarket product.



Product photography
Exhibition graphics
Photographic retouching
Point of Sale
Product visualisation
Product design